More than 89% of people would prefer to do something else in life. Learn why and 2 miraculous secrets how to change your life

My name is Cristiano De Sade, I am an experienced Life Coach and Consultant, specializing in emotional well-being along with personal and professional relationships at Awakening Melbourne. I have finished my formal education but genuinely become a relationship expert after I went through the pain of wrong relationships myself.

In the beginning, will let you know how and why you have become a person who you are now. I will follow by idea of who you are as a human, and end with suggestions how to inspire change in your life.

How and why you have become who you are now

You were born as an innocent and perfect human with a great desire to learn and evolve in an already deceived and manipulated world with all its rules and concepts on how to behave and live. Your teachers were your parents, all the people you came to trust and your environment. The environment is not just a place like home and school. Environment includes everything that surrounds you – all means of receiving information from: such as TV, radio, newspaper, computer, phones and internet.

But life was the musical thing and you were supposed to sing and dance while the music was being played…

You were taught through repetition. As an innocent and honest child, you believed and trusted your teachers and started to become the person who you are now. You’ve learned what is acceptable and what is not, what is good and what is bad, what is beautiful and what is ugly, what is right and what is wrong. You may have disagreed with your teachers because you came to understand the world in your own way. If you tried to revolt, you were punished. Because you were small, you eventually surrendered and became a copy of your parents and society’s beliefs.

But look at this society! It is completely brainwashed with ideology:

The more items one possesses – the biggest, the latest, the more valued, important and branded one is in life and the eyes of other people.

• The only way to be happy is to be a soulless individualistic robot because

If you don’t have possessions, you are not good enough, you are not attractive enough and you are not worthy of love.

This ideology exists in different levels in different countries but is hardwired everywhere in the world. It is based on beliefs you were taught through force – not by your choosing nor your experiences.

Who you are as a human

Human development started around 2 million years ago. There are places in the world where people are still living as we were for centuries; in egalitarian hunting and gathering society. Where existence bases on food sharing and gift exchange. Where person is commonly surrounded by broad family members and people that he or she knows entire life. In a world which is not based on material culture but fluidity with different groups. In a world with almost no violence.

So by nature, people have developed certain needs for existence. Like the need for compassion, close contact, to be loved, to be attached to, to be accepted just the way we are. And only if those needs are met you will develop compassion and cooperation and have empathy for other people.

How to understand your life meaning

With a very define point of view, there are only two basic ideas, life philosophies, with historical origins, that are strongly influencing our everyday common sense, our fundamental understanding what life is about. Life philosophies which are built in our language, our logic and what makes sense all together. I call them Western and Eastern Life Philosophies.

Let’s explore Western Life Philosophie – Life Meaning

Western life philosophy is influent by The Book of Genesis; the first book of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament, it is an account of the creation of the world, the early history of humanity. From this book Judaism, Christianity and Islam derives their basic picture of the world. This book creates an image that world is made of stuff and God as an architect with a plan in mind who creates universe in accordance with it. In different religions He has different number of govern laws. If you obey them you receive the purest love and immortality, if not the most horrible and infinitive punishment. You must respect him in certain ways…people kneel, people bow, refer him with certain names and privileges…these are autocratic ways. Similar but a bit watered down behaviors and expectations we are experiencing in courts today. 


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Well, this idea didn’t work anymore as science of that time couldn’t prove it and because of evolution of the Western Philosophy of life it run in to trouble. So, science of 18 century challenged it. Eventually they excluded god but kept the laws, like Newten’s laws. Down the road we added Psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud and Darwin’s theory of evolution. Lastly, we top it with Materialistic Capitalism whose father was Adam Smith and his dear friend Karl Marx with friends.

So now we understand the universe and our reality as mix of three basic ingredients; Newton’s blind unintelligent force mixed with Sigmund’s Libido which was described as blind lust and Smith’s capitalistic system which has become blind to everything but greed. All that we wrapped with Darwin’s understanding of consciousness which is simply a very evolved and complicated chemistry. And people are coincidental result of those energies and laws, who are existing only in period between womb and crematorium. People with values, reason, languages, cultures and love.

Let’s explore Eastern Life Philosophy – life meaning

Sometime in the development of humankind, few thousand years ago, we developed a self-conscience on an unnatural way.  We began to realize that by the certain way of thinking, we can control our environment but with that come a sense of responsibility as well. Before that nobody was deliberating. People were doing exactly what they felt like. When you were hungry you ate, when you were thirsty you drunk. When you were angry you punch something, when you were happy you danced. No one was thinking what is right thing to do.  You just trusted your intuition, your instincts, your conscience. And that was great as nobody worried nor have problems. Just like a baby and child today before one learn the language.

Maybe you were unsuccessful, maybe things you were doing were absolutely the wrong things and tiger ate you. And that was ok as it really didn’t matter if tiger ate you up, as long as you didn’t spend previous time worrying and thinking about it. We all die. But when people begun to see that they can provide for the future, that they can take care, direct everything, finding the correct answers and be responsible; immediately anxiety came to the world…followed by greed. That was the fall of humankind.  


Who Are You As A Human

Science agree that it was Primordial explosion, an enormous bang billions of years ago which was the beginning of everything, beginning of the universe. It is like you take bottle of ink and smash it to the wall. SMASH!!! All that ink splashes and spreads around. In a middle is dense, but as it spreads the droplets become thinner and thinner towards the edge and are making more complicated patterns. The same way was a Big Bang at the beginning and it spread. You and I as complicated human beings are way out on the fringes of that bang – just as those small droplets.

But life was the musical thing and you were supposed to sing and dance while the music was being played!

The majority of us defines ourselves as being only that, a small droplet. If you think that you are existing only inside of your skin, you define yourself as one very small droplet way out on the edge of that explosion, way out in space, way out in time. Billions of years ago you were a Big Bang now you are a complicated human being. Which means that at one point in time you cut yourself off and don’t feel that you are still the Big Bang. But you are. You are not the result of Big Bang on the end of the process, you are still the process. You are the original force of the universe coming on as whoever you are now. I am too. But we were manipulated few years after our birth that we are separate from it.

Let’s Put These Two Life Meanings On Scale

If you look at the environment analytically and try to scientifically explain it, which means dissecting everything to the smallest particles, process that never is possible to complete anyway, you will see environment just as rocks, rivers, animals, air, stars and planets.  But if we think that it isn’t just rock and river and animal and atmosphere, but rather that those things go together. If you see the interconnection between everything. If you see in simplest way how flowers go with the bees and other insects. They can’t live without them. Humans go with cattle and other animals and plants. We can’t exist without them.

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You go with me and I go with you, we can’t be without each other. If you see the intercourse and significance between those relationships, if you understand that everything goes with everything else than maybe you are set to be living in harmonious life.

You are the original force of the universe coming on as whoever you are now. I am too.

With another words, if you understand this principle you can feel yourself not as someone alone who is stuck in this world, but rather as someone who is going on in exact relationship with everything else around you. The outside thing that you see is the inside thing that you are. Without one there is not another. Most people were deliberately brought up not being aware of those relationships, they are not able to see interrelation between entire human and non-human universe.

How to break unhealthy materialistic patterns and inspire change in your life

Two suggestions:

  • First one is to book appointment with Awakening Melbourne and explore 5 Pillars of Happiness workshop  
  • Second one is to feel the following wisdom of life;

When you travel you are trying to get somewhere; and we, by becoming very compulsive society are busy to getting everywhere faster and faster and faster…till we eliminate distances between places. And as a result of that the two ends of your journey become the same place. You have eliminated the distance and also eliminated the journey. But the fun of the journey is the travel and not to obliterate travelling.

By nature, people have developed certain needs for existence. Like the need for compassion, close contact, to be loved, to be attached to, to be accepted just the way we are.

See in music one doesn’t make the end of the composition the point of composition. The same way is with dancing…you don’t aim the particular spot on the dance floor where you want to arrive. The whole point of dancing is to dance.


Now look at the people; many of us only live to retire. We are investing life savings in super founds and mortgages over idea that we will enjoy life when we retire, but fact is that when majority of us finally retire, we don’t have much life energy left, we are more or less impotent and we end up rotting in senior citizens homes.


Because we were manipulated from day one of our life. We were thought that life is a journey, which had a serious purpose at the end and life mission was to get to that end whatever that may be. But life was the musical thing and you were supposed to sing and dance while the music was being played!

Can you see it this way or you have a different point of view?