5 Pillars Of HAPPINESS – Part 1


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Discover your strength and find your life path again

5 Pillars of Happiness is a personal development workshop targeting body, mind and soul helping women from all walks of life regardless of age, believes and religion to overcome personal crisis and emotional difficulties and empower them to make a genuine and long-lasting positive change in their lives.

During life coaching you will learn how this society operates, how deceived and manipulated it has become.

You will learn three secrets about man which will resolve up to 90 % of all the issues that you ever have with any man and how to make one your confidant and protector.

Lastly, you will understand all women advantages and how to use them in real life to make your desires become truth.

Why closed women circles doesn’t always help

In many ways, a growing number of women losing their bond and trust with men. Everyone has her reason, a story behind, which all would be impossible to list as there are as many reasons as there are men in the world. Consequentially a belief has formed, just as does with anything else in our life. Some may call it evolution…an emotional evolution.

Emotions also evolve and adapt over time. There are two types of emotional evolutions:

· positive

· negative.

Positive is the process by which new human believes or behaviours forms or adapts inspired by positive emotions such as joy, serenity, gratitude, kindness, admiration…love. The negative is anger, sadness, guilt, fear, despair, disappointment, frustration.

Lastly, you will understand all women advantages and how to use them in real life

Women who were disappointed and are trying to evolve are often forming or joining in closed groups, where they are sharing their experiences. For some joining women circle helps, at least for some time. However, sharing experiences is just that, sharing experiences, you are not learning from it. On the contrary, it may become discouraging. And the principle is; a woman can’t evolve without understanding men way of thinking, just as man can’t without understanding women. No matter of the circumstances, we can’t evolve by a singular approach.

Why you are feeling that way

Human development started around 2 million years ago. There are still places where people are living in egalitarian hunting and gathering society, where existence bases on food sharing and gift exchange. Where people are surrounded by friends and family, they know the entire life. In a world which bases on fluidity with different groups and not by material culture. In a world with almost no violence.

By nature, people have developed certain needs for existence, and only if you meet those needs, you will develop compassion and cooperation and have empathy for other people. Starting in the sixties, however increasingly in past 50 years contemporary society becomes greatly influenced through media with the ideology that the more items one possesses; the biggest, the latest, the more valued, important and branded one is in life and the eyes of other people. The only way to be happy is to be a soulless individualistic robot because, if you don’t have possessions you are not good enough, you are not attractive enough, you are not worthy of love.

This ideology exists in different levels in different countries but is hardwired almost everywhere in the world. It bases on beliefs you were taught by manipulation and force – not by your choosing nor your experiences. Nowadays, many celebrity motivational speakers; usually, men are suggesting that they have invented a system which will help you overcome past challenges and achieve life goals in a matter of months; however this is impossible.

I feel that, if you knew the way of man, some past experiences would be sane.

I know how abuse feels; not only from my own experience but yours as well, as over the years, I have worked with many women; women just like you are and heard many sad stories. The change will not happen quick and easy, and it never does, because just as with any other fact of life the longer you were experiencing it, the longer will take to overcome it and move on. Being a woman and having courage is not enough. Without genuine people, the right knowledge and awareness, it is very hard to implement long and positive changes. Nor does it matter what you think of yourself, but rather what others think of you, as they will converse and act with you in that manner.

In the words of Albert Einstein:

“The only source of knowledge is an experience.”

What is an inspiration for the following truth of life

To know the man, you will need to go through many experiences good and challenging and not allowing to get hurt in the process nor to get affected by emotions. Probably you will become a senior lady when finally get an understanding of him, but by then it may become too late for anything. Luckily for you, we at Awakening did that.

Before I am going on to explain any details about how man’s mind is operating and how you can influence him, I want to make one thing absolutely clear.

My whole approach is not to convert you, not to improve you, not to explain to you, nor show you. I just want you to enjoy a point of view which I have about men and life herself. I will write about what is because I love sharing my experiences, and I feel that if you knew the way of man, some past experiences would be sane. I have only one outlook; if you are feeling day after day constantly depressed, betrayed, anxious, maybe even lost; that this knowledge will make you feel happy again. I will do this in the way of a story; so try to imagine that we have already met before. The reason behind is that you may feel it more personal. Your name is Lisa, middle-aged woman, a wife to a man who is not giving you enough attention; therefore, you have met another man who is a healer, and you two had an extraordinary experience. In a few hours spent together, you had trusted him your life story, and he is writing you a letter in which he is expressing his feeling and views of life.

I hope that at the end of the post, you will see men in a bit different way; however, know that this is only the beginning.

“The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds.

Think big anyway.”

– Awakening Melbourne


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