Understand why we seek answers to some hard questions about our-self, life and system of human universe. What happens if you start challenging common sense and its wonderful consequences

A young girl got a bunny rabbit. She was extremely delighted but also afraid of losing it, so much that taking one home on the back seat of a car, she squeezed bunny to death…with love. Reading this post imagine that bunny is a metaphor for everything you know and are.

What is reality

Reality is everything that is real or existent within a system. It’s only limited by our knowledge of it, but our knowledge is also limited. 

What is knowledge

Following this context, we then have to ask what knowledge is?

We can think of knowledge in few different ways. It depends on the perspective; for example, you can have experiential knowledge about the world without any scientific background. You know that it is day, you know that it is night. You understand that it is winter, you understand that it is summer. This is knowledge which is based on the experience of being alive and being out in the world. Humans share this knowledge which very much depends on where you live.

And then you have more specialised kind of knowledge. A geologist will have a knowledge which is based on his or her knowledge of rocks and how tectonic plates move. An astronaut will know about space ships and how to spacewalk.  

“…if you understand that everything goes with everything else than maybe you are set to be living a harmonious life”

Knowledge is an accumulated amount of information that we have vetted over time to be reliable and agreed on. This is a good kind of knowledge. But then we also have a bad kind of knowledge like false knowledge, misinformation, deliberate manipulation. To a certain extent we can think of knowledge as a measure of our beliefs; you believe that certain information has a value for you.

Difference between knowing and thinking

Diving deeper, the question arises of what makes knowing different from thinking or believing.

Knowing for example is when you have an idea – thinking or believe that the moon is going to appear in the sky. So you go out and say:

“Ohh look the moon is in the sky” or “Ohhh look the moon is not in the sky”. You are patient and wait for a while to understand that the moon wasn’t in the sky as it may not be a full moon or a quarter moon or the sky was covered by clouds, but you know that eventually it will appear. This is knowledge – knowing which you obtain by looking at things and personal experience. We as humans take notes, tell stories and by this we create knowledge which is shared across the generations.

why we seek answers

So any new idea, thinking, beliefs or observation needs to be vetted and validated to become accepted by the community as knowledge – knowing. It is a bit tricky but this process works to the furthest extent. However, to know, we cannot just theorise about something, we need to experience it as well, because humans are beings who live in the world through our senses.

How to know that something is the truth

So, what are some other “psychological tools” which helps us to distinguish between good knowledge and bad knowledge? The most important one is scepticism. Although scepticism is closely related to doubting – to doubt, it is a wonderful tool so that you don’t just blindly believe what people are telling you. By thinking critically about stuff you are not just going to believe the first thing you are told. For example; if they tell you that the world is flat; unfortunately, many people are still convinced that it is, which is a painful truth to hear. Even more painful is to hear that covid is a serious disease instead of flu like virus.

“The outside thing that you see, is the inside thing that you are”

So the question is,  are they who blindly believe in anything being sceptical or they are ignorant? There is a big difference between those two things. A sceptic is a sperson that is going to ask pointed questions, to try to make sense of certain statement, in order to believe the statement or not to believe the statement, which is very healthy behaviour. An ignorant person on the other hand, will just believe the statement without claiming his freedom to think about everything new in a critical way. Ignorant behaviour is even more dangerous in days of the internet, where there is so much information and even more misinformation.

Becoming all knowing – yes or no

At this point we dived deep enough to ask ourselves the question: is it possible that at one moment in our furthest imaginable future we will know everything so that there will be nothing left to learn?

I know that this is impossible. Why?

Let’s imagine that you are on the island and everything that we learned so far is on this island as well, but we didn’t stop learning yet. So, as we learn, and we are learning more and more and more, this island also expands more and more, just like a coral reef. As any island, this one too is surrounded by ocean. In our case it is an ocean of unknown, stuff we don’t know. So as the island expands, the boundaries of knowing and unknowing also expands. Which means that as we are learning more stuff, we are able to ask questions that before we were unable to think of. By knowing more, we are also inventing new instruments which gives us opportunity to look even deeper. See, a paradox of knowledge is that by knowing more we also don’t know more.

challenging common sense

But as being a human with desire to achieve the ultimate goal, to get to the end, you can challenge this statement saying that instead of diving deeper and deeper, let’s reverse and start climbing higher and higher and eventually reach the moment of all knowing. 

Well, imagine the hill or mountain. You’re going up the hill and reaching the top is your objective…your ultimate goal. When you reach it there are two ways left. You can say yes, I’ve reached my objective and I am done, or you can look around and find higher mountain tops so that you can go and climb them too. And then when you climb the biggest of all the mountains, at this glorious moment you can still look up and say FUCK I HAVE STILL THE WHOLE UNIVERSE TO EXPLORE!!!

Now you too know that anything in life is just a matter of attitude and there is always something new to learn, something new to reach. As you are reading these words it is a great possibility you are having some kind of relationship or personal challenge and if you want to know whether or not I can inspire you CLICK HERE and let’s find out together.

What is life

I will introduce a different way of understanding life. See most people when they open eyes and look around, they think that everything they are seeing is outside. But actually, everything you see; for example, all the people sitting around and enjoying life, is really a feeling inside of your head. The colours that you see when you look at the stary sky or rainbow magic on a rainy day, is happening back in your nervous system where the optical nerves are. Everything that you see, hear, touch and everything else is a neurological experience and when you truly understand and accept this fact, then you have to extend this fact further and accept the truth that your mind is also in the outside world. The outside thing that you see, is the inside thing that you are.

“Is life really the way it is described in books, I know that everybody else thinks this way, but does this make it truth?”

Just like if you are unable to gaze in someone’s eyes is because you are unable to gaze in your own eyes. Or in the of buying and selling. There can’t be an act of selling, if there is not simultaneously an act of buying and vice versa. The same can be said about the relationship between organisisms and the environment. The environment grows the organism and in return the organism creates the environment. The organism turns sun into light but it needs to be an environment which contains the sun to be an organism at all. To take this truth even further. It is not that an organism came in to this world by chance, but it is this environment, this world – the planet Earth that grows organisms and it was this way from the beginning…from The Big Bang onwards.

The human universe; a system we have created and everything that surrounds us, is educating you that organisms, like us humans, come with time and evolve later, but this is not the truth.  We are here from the beginning from the BANG. Our energy, the foundation, the basics of everything that it is, needed time to evolve yes; just like it takes time for an acorn to turn into oak, but oak is already implied in an acorn.  So, you have to dissociate yourself from wrong beliefs and Awaken.

seeking answers to hardest questions

It is my understanding of Awakening as re-examination of our common senses. We have all sorts of ideas built in us which seem unquestionable, obvious, common sense. Our commons sense has been rigged so that we feel like strangers and alien to this world. This is terribly plausible simply because we are used to it and because of our ignorance. See, if you start questioning; for example:

“Is life really the way it is described in books, I know that everybody else thinks this way, but does this make it truth?”

It doesn’t necessarily. So, if you question this basic assumption which underlies our culture, eventually you may get a different kind of common sense. It becomes absolutely obvious to you that who you are continues with the universe. Just as people in the past believed that world is flat, however now that we have jet planes and telescopes in space it is obvious that world is round, although not everyone believes this. So maybe in the same way some years from now it will be perfectly normal to many people that we are at one with the universe. This way of thinking will become very simple and maybe then we will divert our technology in different directions, start handling it with more sense and with love instead of hate as this is only way, we will prevent our extinction.


If you look at the environment analytically and try to scientifically explain it, which means dissecting everything to the smallest particles, a process that never is possible to complete anyway, you will see the environment just as rocks, rivers, animals, air, stars and planets.  But if we think that it isn’t just rock and river and animal and atmosphere, but rather things that go together. If you see the interconnection between everything, if you see in the simplest way how flowers go with the bees and other insects, you will see that they can’t live without them. Humans go with cattle and other animals and plants. We can’t exist without them. You go with me and I go with you, we can’t be without each other…if you see intercourse and significance between those relationships, if you understand that everything goes with everything else than maybe you are set to be living a harmonious life.

So, how do you see and understand your “bunny rabbit” and what will your next step be?

I will leave you with words of Albert Einstein:

“One who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. Those who walk alone are likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been before.”