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More than 89% of people around the world would prefer to do something else in life. Are you one of them and why is that number so high? I think I know why and I also know how to reduce it. My name is Cristiano De Sade, I am an experienced Life Coach and Consultant […]

Why will you never find love on mobile or computer screen

“Sitting at home all alone, behind your computer screen. I imagine how your faces light up when you read comment that a virtual friend left for you. A cold smile which only your computer sees” I understand these words as a mirror image of 21 century society and… loneliness. Having relationship with your computer or […]

5 Pillars Of HAPPINESS – Part 1

Discover your strength and find your life path again 5 Pillars of Happiness is a personal development workshop targeting body, mind and soul helping women from all walks of life regardless of age, believes and religion to overcome personal crisis and emotional difficulties and empower them to make a genuine and long-lasting positive change in […]

5 Pillars of HAPPINESS – Part 2

A Letter to Lisa Dear Lisa May this writing find you in the most colourful state of mind. I want to thank you for the time we’ve spent together. For me, it was not only enjoyable and serene experience but educative as well. Following is the truth I believe with my entire heart, and it […]

Is marriage and relationship education before marriage necessity or luxury

How can I prepper for a successful relationship Rates of divorce have increased dramatically, with estimates that about 40 to 45% of Australian marriages will end in divorce. The first year of marriage is still the most challenging, with more than 30% of couples divorcing within ten years of marriage. Rates of relationship separation of […]

You don’t have to forgive your parents

Forgiveness is something that, when you do it, you free yourself to move on…OR NOT! Psychoanalysis knows the joke that, after many years of analysis, only two topics remain, mom and dad. There is a lot of truth in this joke. Parenting is one of the hardest and most responsible tasks in a person’s life. […]

Fear of Physiotherapy

The only way to conquer the fear is to know one Has it ever happened that you were hesitating for a long time before decided to book for Psychotherapy, but eventually, you did it anyway? You were satisfied with yourself because you were able to make the first step on the road of change. In […]

Alex opts for Psychotherapy – Alex is YOU

Strong statement? Find some challenges that may prevent you from shining as a person Alex has long gathering courage before booking an introductory meeting. He was unhappy with his life, often feeling tense, irritable, difficult to concentrate, and was constantly abnormally tired. When this began to reflect in his work, he knew it was time […]

Are you Living with a Narcissist?

Learn how to recognise narcissistic behaviours Alex and Jane met on the dance floor. When they saw each other, the invisible force pulled them together with the power of the magnet. Alex was a great dancer, and Jane could just let go; she did not have to think of anything. That night he invited her […]

Have you found the keeper?

Learn more about yourself and how to recognise the right partner There’s no shortage of articles online, in lifestyle magazines and we will add some more in Awakening blog about dating red flags: If she’s rude to the waiters or your Uber driver, it’s a big red flag. If he spends half the date talking […]